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Horizon Mark Pegasus Passport Photography Video and Photography services for your reception, wedding, and any event. Capture color and black and white photos or images by professional artist.
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Wedding Photography

  We create artistic portraits and wedding albums with unique wedding day story. The images have a scenic quality, are emotionally charged and have a natural look. We‘ll produce a variety of photographs with combination of traditional, photojournalistic and spontaneous images.   We’ll help bride and groom feel special on their wedding day, without dragging them away from their guests every few minutes. Our experience and professionalism insure that.  
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Photographer with good personality will succeed in making a wedding photo look great. At HM Video and Photography we know how to work with wedding party. We are polite and friendly with guests. We know how to get the images you want without being pushy. We work with children.   We believe if you look closely, you can see the personality of the photographer in the image. If the subjects look natural and comfortable, it is probably because the photographer made the people feel relaxed.

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Album and Frame Packages Learn about our photography, album, enlargement and frame packages. Combine and upgrade your photography, frame, album specials to suit your needs. Special programs are available for engaged couples. In addition to the programs outlined in our packages section, we invite you to consult with us to customize your photography experiance according to your wishes.

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Photography Assignments

Modeling and Fashion

  Ultimately the aims of any photographer are highly personal and as subjective as his tastes, interests and imagination. Pictures with a distinctive personal style depend on accurate technique as well as on the individual vision of the photographer, and this can only be fully developed over many years.

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  In the days before photography, successful portrait painters were those gifted with the ability to capture a likeness, while at the same time flattering the subject, usually by exaggerating these qualities that he or she wished to project. with the introduction of photography, portraiture was freed from the tyranny of having to get a likeness, for accuracy was practically guaranteed. When taking a portrait, decide on the mood you wish to create, the one that best reveals the personality.

 We are available for many types of photography assignments  

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Click through our online photo album where photos are organized by category, and learn a few photo tricks from our photo guide.


Product and Industrial Photography

San Jose industrial photography The eye catching product shot that stands out is must to have. We create professional photographs for advertising and promotional uses for your catalog, web site, brochure, direct mail advertising and more. By using the newest technology and years of experience all images are taken with a great amount of enthusiasm.

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Whether it's a large industrial equipment, beautiful jewelry piece, crystal or little plastic part we are committed to to make your product stand out from your competitors.

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